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RRO Statements

Copyright Statement.


Apart from all the usual copyright bits, we also need to stress the following:

1. Dee JAP, her likeness, narrative, musings, insults and name belong to us. Don't copy her otherwise we'll set her on you. This applies to everything about Lady Black Uriah & our other AI avatars too!

2. "Join The Revolution" and "Rock Music by Fans of Rock Music" are definitely the property of RRO.

3. REVOLUTIONONE and the old CFRRock and CFRXtra channels are the broadcast names of our stations. Anyone copying them will be viciously mauled by our legal team. So there.

Anti-Piracy Policy. 

Sorry folks, as much as we hate the power and greed of the major record companies, RRO is STRICTLY against music piracy. Acts that don't conform to the X-Factor Rule Book of Crap Music find it hard enough to make ends meet as it is without the rest of us stealing from them. To that end RRO will never rip music from illegal sites just to say "we have that song/album" or that "we were first to play it" like some other internet, er, "stations" do. RRO also fully complies with PPL and PRS rules, regulations and fees. Please help us support our amazing musicians by NOT supporting those sites or stations who do not.

Slavery and Money Laundering. 

RRO will never knowingly engage with any organisation that utilises any kind of slavery, unethical work practices or has links with criminal activities. That's also why we will NEVER use illegal Torrent sites as their advertising revenues largely go to fund crime outside of music piracy. Unfortunately we have to work with the big record companies, but we are hoping their conscience will wake up soon. 

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