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CROSSCHAT: Messenger style live show interaction

CrossChat is our chat app that you can sign into using existing soclal media log ins for those moments you just want a quick, simple exchange with each other and the DJs during showtime. It works in a similar way to Facebook, but is much faster and far more reliable. We've been piloting the system to see how listeners would take to it, and a final decision will be taken about its future at the end of August.

Top Tips

  1. Read all of these tips first!

  2. You can log in using your Forum log in OR your existing Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus profiles (CFR do not get those details shared with us).

  3. You can add an avatar by simply clicking inside the square box next to your message box and choosing an image from your own computer. (You can change this at any time!)

  4. Use the REPLY feature, and you can add as many as you wish

  5. The fully featured V3 app will be with us shortly and become our primary interaction tool, so start using it now :)



We have a fab Forum for you to join in with us and have fun! Some sample threads are here. You can even sign up with your existing Facebook profile. Just click on any thread to be taken to that specific chatroom.

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