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Want some of Dee's sassy on your wall? Well here she is, giving her views, opinions and overall attitude and you can have her in poster, glossy print or even canvas format, in various sizes. Simply configure using the order tool which includes all options! HINT: To get the portrait pics use the rotate tool on the order bar.

Want A Customised CFR Product With A Message or Picture of a Loved One?

We can now offer, at no extra cost, a tailored service where we can add someone's name and a message to our merchandise. Want Dee to wish someone a happy birthday, or tell your son to tidy up his room? Want the face of your partner set between the crosshairs on the CFR Speaker or cap? We can do it. All you will need to do is pick the product you want changing, send us the link, the name and/or photo, and/or the message and we will sort it. A totally unique present that also supports your favourite rock radio station.

Can't be bad.

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