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Rock Music. With just that little bit eXtra.

RRO Donation Box

When we set up the station we took a strategic decision NOT to place adverts on the actual airtime, but as the size of the station has grown the technical demands on costs and person time have grown too. To that end we have added merchandise to our site and monetised it, click HERE to open the shop page. We will NOT be placing ads on air so long as we can cover our costs through other means.


However, in the meantime if any of you want to donate the cost of a coffee for those sleepless nights we spend fixing Windows induced problems, that would be much appreciated. You might even get an exclusive Dee pic mailed to you.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

If you are directed to this page, it means our fab player, which is still in beta, has just hit a snag, so above is a simple player until we fix it, or you can use the radio directory players, internet radio links below, and Alexa devices. But rest assured we are still on air.

The basic player below and on IS WORKING FINE, as is Alexa and the directory players below, as well as the Win Amp etc button links below.


We have players in a couple of different formats to suit the device you are listening to us on.

The PLAYERs from


The HTML 5 player on your left plays on just about everything, including Windows, Apple and Linux based computers, most Smart TVs, the XBOX ONE and most internet ready set top boxes. However, if you prefer to use WINAMP, or Media Player etc, you can now simply click on the relevant icon underneath the "Now Playing" bar.

You can also open the player page directly HERE.

NOTE:  We stream at 320kbps, the highest possible rate which offers CD quality sound. Whilst 4G networks in the UK are sufficiently robust enough to deliver buffer free streaming at this rate if you experience issues because of weak signal, use the mini player on the home page. Please set your phone or tablet and/or player buffer settings to the max.

Players for Non-Computers



Whilst the HTML5 player works on just about everything we do have a handy app from that you can download soon for Android.  However, Apple are doing their usual restrictive practices and aren't allowing any more radio apps for iOS unless we licence their Apple Music platform. Which we won't cos it's crap and ridiculously priced. So there.

We do however have a nifty app solution for iOS (and it works on Android too): 

  1. Download VLC Player from the Apple App store (Google Play for Android).

  2. Select play network stream from the VLC menu.

  3. Type in the stations address (or/live depending on your device)

  4. Press Play

  5. Listen to awesome music



If you have an internet radio that supports the icecast2 format/radio directory, you can now listen to to us on it. To do so, go to add new station, and simply paste in  or and the station name is Revolution Radio, channel RevolutionONE. It should find it. 

Note: different radios need new stations adding differently, so it may be a variation of the above and you may need to add mp3 and/or Revolution Radio Stream somewhere in the mix.



Listeners asked us to provide a pop up player but we found that managing the extra pages and features was often problematic. Thankfully browsers have now settled on the tab format so all you have to do is right mouse click the Menu item and select Open as New Tab and viola, you have two pages open, one the player page, one that you can browse the rest of the site with.

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