Sep 4, 2017

Creating Your Profile and editing your profile name


Edited: Sep 5, 2017

When you first sign up to the Forum you have to enter your email address. This is so we can keep the Forum safe for our users and block, report and delete users who may not be as nice as the rest of us.


When you first sign up therefore, the Forum sets your user ID as the first part of your email address. To change this, and create your profile (with pics, vidz and words), you follow these steps.


1. Click on the greyed out face on the top right hand corner (below the CFR website menu and the word "More").

2. This opens a drop down menu. Click on "My Profile."

3. This goes to your Profile page, with grids showing where you can put a banner, add an avatar and so on. To enter EDIT mode, click in the Rectangular Box that is next to the Following and Followers title under your so far empty banner box.

4. You'll see little edit images appear.

5. To change your user name simply place your cursor on the name, delete out what's there, and then type the user name you want.

6. To add your avatar click on the camera inside the avatar circle and upload your picture.

7. To add your banner click on the Upload Cover Image button and upload your banner pic.

8. Click the Confirm box.

9. To change these at a later date you just use the same steps above.

10. Click the Confirm Button before you leave or do anything else.

11. You can also add text, pics and video links to the ABOUT box. Simply click on the Create About button and add what you want to your profile (following the rules in the do's and don'ts post).



New Posts
  • Howdy folks, just to let you know that the next phase of our development has begun with the addition of the first in our "Your CFR" customisation applets. Members of the Forum now have a fully customisable profile page, which gives you a full summary of your activity and interaction, and gives you full control over what information you share about yourself. Simply sign up via the Forum (or existing members, log in lol)- at and once you do you'll see your little icon (or a generic icon until you add pic) on the top right of the website (just left of the little FB & Twitter icons). It has a drop down menu that gives you access to a host of Profile and Account tools. You can even add a video of yourself chair dancing if you wish lol. I've attached a snip to show you where, and a snap of my profile page as it stands now (blank lol, but will be sorting it out next week). This is the first in a new series of "YOUR CFR" applets to customise things for your pleasure and ease of use, but don't forget we also have the magazine View from the Den, full of rock music news and interviews ( ), Blogs on all things music ( ) which are available to all, and then a full complement of Reviews, Playbacks, Coffee Shop posts etc in the Forum, which grows in size weekly now (112 members now). CFR. Join the Revolution.
  • You can turn off email and other notifications, or change settings, by doing the following: 1. Click on your Profile Avatar on the top right of the screen under the main website menu (if you haven't set up a profile pic yet it will be a grey circle with a blank face inside). 2. Select Settings from the drop down menu that appears. 3. Switch on or off whatever you need.
  • Like all Forums we need to have a rule book to avoid issues and limit misunderstandings, so here's ours! 1. You must love music. 2. No porn or bad language please- we will have younger members in this forum. Yes we know they may know more swear words than we do but that's not the point. 3. No abuse of others. Especially the admin. We have shy retiring personalities and we don't like it. 4. No promoting other radio stations or stealing members. Sorry, but this station and this website etc is a lot of work and we need to make it work or our partners will want to know what it was all about! 5. Bands and artists please feel free to promote your releases, gigs and merchandise. But all we ask is you tell your followers about us hard working layabouts over here on CFR. 6. Have fun but know when fun is bordering on harassment or bullying. We don't want to have to report you to Dee, but if we do, she's plugged into millions of sites and will black ball you everywhere. Plus she'll obliterate you on here. 7. Love and respect music, musicians and music writers and of course, DJs and music fans.

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