Jul 30

Rock & Brit***


Well after a few weeks of being away due to countless technical issues which were beyond my control, I am happy to announce that The Metalizer is back. Tonight on the return of Metal Meltdown, we will have lots of Classic Rock, a few new releases thrown in & then to top it off, we will be going back to the 90's for a selection of classic Brit*** songs, sorry but I just cannot bring myself to type the P word, but many of these songs were played in Alternative venues back in the day.


Join me John "The Metalizer" Rawstron at 7pm, only on CFR Rock.


Good evening John, looking forward to this :)

Jul 30

Good evening Nick.

Hi all, busy eating and listening. Will be here fully when done :)

Jul 30

Good evening Ange. XX

Jul 30

Good evening John, welcome back mate, we've missed you.

Jul 30

Brilliant songs John.

Sorry for the lack of forum replies everyone, still on iOS for the forums until I reinstall on my other machine.

Late teens in the nineties !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my fecking god so was my son lol

Jul 30

Fellow Wiganers, my friends saw them live and said they was brilliant Ange. XX

New Posts
  • Hello humble rockers, tonight on Metal Meltdown will have sounds from Metallica, Foo Fighters and many more. Also to celebrate a month of Metal Meltdown, tonight's show will consist of songs from the past few weeks, as well as a couple of tracks from Beauty in Chaos. Finally last week I kinda went overkill with the F Bombs and so tonight I am cleaning things up a tad and am restricting myself to 1 song, but I promise you it is a cracker from last week. Join me The Metalizer at 7pm for Metal Meltdown only on CFR Rock.
  • Greetings Rockers, your friendly Metalizer here, tonight on Metal Meltdown, we will have sounds from the likes of Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne plus many more, including recent material from Lamb of God & Amon Amarth. Plus from 9pm please make sure that the kiddies are in beds as we have a Watershed and F Bombs will Be deployed as well as other mature content. So join me The Metalizer from 7pm for 3hrs of Metal and if you are brave enough, let‘s travel to places that other stations dare not to go. Join the forums, tell your friends and most definitely treat your neighbours !
  • Greetings fellow Headbanger, well whilst I have only done a couple of shows, I have decided to accept a small number of requests from listeners as it is a great way to get introduced to more bands and artists. However I will state the following is essential. (1) Sometimes songs are not available in the needed quality, so please do not be too disappointed if I cannot play your request. (2) If songs contain any explicit language, they will be played but only after 9pm. As much as I would love to play Sid Vicious “My Way”, this will not be possible neither will any song that contains a C bomb. (3) We all love to hear our names mentioned on Radio, however if you want dedications to the family pet, then do not even think about asking me to do this. Also if you are having relationship issues, I am The Metalizer not a frigging Agony Uncle. So if we are clear on that then I will try and fulfil your request and give you a shoutout Or named n shamed. (4) All requests for the following weeks show, must be submitted by no later than by 5pm on a Monday. Any requests made after this deadline will be put on a future show. Requests made which are awesome choices, will be added into the monthly best of show. Now that is out of the way, get your thinking caps on and let’s spread the word on more bands and artists that deserve our support.

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