May 9, 2018

So you wanna be a DJ?

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May 9, 2018

I know exactly what I would do for a show, I wish I could afford to have a set up to do a show.

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  • RRO New Setup Means Easier Creation of Playlists to Suit Anniversaries and Special Events. 12/11/2019 RRO is pleased to announce that the move to new broadcasting platforms mean that it is far easier for the human DJs to work with the station's sassy AI DJ, Dee Jap, in creating day and event specific playlists. These playlists will be both a regular annual event, such as Christmas Day, and a one off anniversary, such as the 200th Anniversary of the Voyage of the Beagle. Christmas Day would obviously have a 24 hour playlist full of Christmas rock songs (with the occassional pop classic eg John Lennon's Merry Christmas), where as the 11th of May, the 200th Anniversary of the launch of The Beagle, the ship that Charles Darwin sailed during his development of the theory of evolution, will have a 24 hour playlist all about discovery, sea voyages and so on. The station is also planning to do an annual St George's Day playlist, the St Valentine's Day Antidote Playlist, November the 5th and so on. The Patron Saints of Scotland, Wales and Ireland will be covered in special show events, and other key anniversaries, such as the 50th Anniversary of the first Glastonbury Festival, will receive cover in special show features. Now more than ever before, it's time to JOIN THE REVOLUTION.
  • NEW SHOWS AND SCHEDULE PLANNED FROM JANUARY 2020; NEW PLATFORMS AND WAYS TO LISTEN; NEW MUSIC PUSH; MORE TO COME! November 9th 2019 As we near the end of 2019, Revolution Radio Online (RRO) is pleased to announce that it has completed, and is about to launch, several key initiatives aimed at both improving the station's existing output, and growing our capability and reach. These initiatives include: The technical backbone of RRO has now been moved over to Ubuntu, with marked improvement of server reliability. New DJs will still be able to use Windows computers to broadcast from but as Microsoft continue to damage systems worldwide with update after update mostly targetted at cutting off competing software vendors, we strongly recommend Ubuntu as the way forward. The main Radio Broadcast partner has shifted from the increasingly unreliable and poorly serviced L2mr to the simply brilliant team at , again with increased reliability and opportunities to grow. Massive studios reorg and rewiring now completed We're available on more platforms than ever, including QT, Media Player, RealPlayer, WinAmp and more. But not stopping there, see next section! We finally have a dedicated domain email : New DeePlay expansion- more songs, more rock genres, more classics, more new music, never hear the same song on rotation in any one week! With this stability work completed, we're able to announce new plans and let you in on what we're doing (well, some of it at any rate) regarding new schedules and shows. In 2020, the Rev will return with the Sunday Rock Show after his move and new studio build! The very popular DiVERSE and Pilot shows will continue, but move to free Saturday nights as RRO DJs continue to have fun with formats in the "Same Revolution Radio, Different Universe" concept. All That Jazz Rock Fusion will begin a fortnightly late night show from January after the successful pilot series, hosted alternately by the Baron and the Doc. Details on the schedule change will be released shortly. We're looking for a new DJ to host a Metal, Southern, or Prog Rock Tuesday night genre specific show. You will be able to listen to us from more Internet Radio Hubsites by the end of the year, including, , and 13 more, including (in the waiting list) at last, TuneIN. New shop and merchandise, including the 2020 RRO Calendar, with 12 new #InspiredBy famous rock songs image featuring Dee. New MUSIC PUSH! We recently added 40GB of brand new artists and bands as news of RRO's flexible playlist approach and dedication to new and independent artists reaches more and more bands and their agents. There's more still to come but now is the perfect time to JOIN THE REVOLUTION. REVOLUTIONRADIO.ONLINE. ROCK RADIO. WITH THAT LITTLE BIT XTRA.
  • (but this is not the end- read on!) Today, we announce that Crossfire Radio becomes RevolutionRadio.Online! Revolution Radio Online is the new name for Crossfire Radio, as the station embarks on an exciting new phase of its development. CFR has been the premiere independent internet rock radio station for the last 3 and a half years and was the brainchild of Robin Ellis & Darren Smithson. Unlike the vast majority of internet radio shows, CFR was and remains a fully licensed internet radio station, with legally acquired music also a mandatory commitment from all our Djs. The station was set up in a completely revolutionary way, with satellite home studios linking into a central server, with DJs and listeners interacting via our Forum and FB show groups, and a first class website offering music related news, articles, blogs and Playback pods and so on- not to mention our Artificial Intelligence DJ application, Dee Jap. Initially solely a hard rock and metal station, new DJs and shows over time changed the overall direction of the station so, whilst still rock focused, it offered a far more comprehensive set of rock genres, as well as related music genres and experimental formats- some of which were not to the original vision that Robin had for the station, especially when the two channels- CFR Rock & CFRXtra- had to temporarily merge due to an impending studio relocation. Robin therefore decided to leave the management of the station to Darren and the station manager Bonnie Foster, and is taking a break overall due to a significant relocation, though he still hopes to return with his show late 2019. All this coincided with issues with our radio host, L2MR, who had become increasingly unreliable and unwilling to work with the station. Darren and Bonnie therefore decided to move the hosting to a new partner,, who offered a whole different approach to working in partnership, and also brought with them some fantastic new online tools, that created new opportunities for development. Because of this, Darren and Bonnie decided to revisit the name and branding of the station, feeling that Crossfire Radio didn't really say what the station was about in these changing times. Added to this was the problem of the sheer number of other stations called Crossfire Radio, as well as the Chrysler Crossfire car Radio! The pair took a road trip during the summer holidays and brainstormed ideas, though they hit on a new name almost instantly. Right from the beginning our branding had always used the word "revolution", and the tag "Join the Revolution" has been a constant phrase for a number of years. With the new web address ".online" now available, we suddenly had three elements that said exactly what we did- Radio, Online in a Revolutionary way. And so Revolution Radio Online was born. RRO is now in a period of consolidation, with the two previous channels now permanently merged into the new RevolutionONE channel, and our DJs and listeners getting used to the broadcast of differing genre shows on the one channel. The station's output will still remain at least 80% rock and metal (or genres thereof, including Blues Rock, alternative rock, goth and so on), with the remaining 20% comprising of alternative pop, experimental and/or magazine style programmes. Once we have everything in place, we will begin a new recruitment phase for a metal only show for Tuesday nights, as well as a weekend rock breakfast show, and a new 3 days a week afternoon show. The Revolution has just begun.

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