Sep 22, 2018

BRS Phase 3 Launch, Feb 6th, 7pm on CFR Rock


Edited: Jan 26


On Feb 6th at 7pm, the Phase 3 format of the Baron's Rock Show launches, and it has a number of new, and returning, features, including:

Trinity: you get to suggest 3 songs that have a theme- for example, they could all be about space, or gods, or gunfights at the ok corral. I will choose the first one so you get the gist.

Trinity is not to be confused with:

Long time listeners will remember it. 3 songs with a definite connection, and whoever guesses the connection first gets to choose the connection for the following week :)

Then we have:

Every week we'll bring you a classic rock album, or a hidden gem, for you to enjoy.

and finally, there is a structural change to...

... in that the Live act will now be just ONE artist or band, rather than a mix. Hope to see you on the 6th!


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