Apr 26

Comment Here for the Crossfire Radio Special : 1970 - The Year That Rock Music Came Of Age


Edited: Jun 8



We all know that Rock Music started in the late 60’s with the formation of Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and the like, but it was 1970 when it really came of age with the release of Black Sabbath’s 1st and 2nd albums; Deep Purple in Rock; Mountain’s Climbing; Atomic Rooster’s 1st and 2nd albums; Led Zeppelin III; The Who Live at Leeds; Uriah Heep’s Very ‘Eavy… Very ‘Umble; Humble Pie’s eponymously titled 3rd album; Hawkwind’s self-titled 1st album; Wishbone Ash’s 1st album and many many more. So, for this Crossfire Radio Special we celebrate that cataclysmic year for Rock Music. Come and join me for 3 plus hours of RAWK at its best.

Good evening Doc, I hope you are fine and having a brilliant weekend Sir.

I'm looking forwards to hearing this whilst studying so I will not be interacting much tonight.


Good evening geezers and geezims, I hope everyone is fine and having a brilliant weekend.

Jun 8

Evening Rob. All good here mate and no worries - work comes first!

Jun 8

Kicking us off tonight at 7 pm we have, from On The Boards, Taste with Eat My Words. Hope you all had a good day? Been good here, starting off with setting up Doc's playlist for Monday, then Dog School (they have to teach the humans first!) and then dinner with the Dame and then chance to see if the fermented grape juice had gone off!? Chilled out and ready to Rawk!!



Good evening Peepster. XX

Jun 8

Evening Miss Peeps! x


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Jun 8

Evening Milady!. x


Good evening Dame Penny, brilliant show on Thursday. XX

Evening Doc and everyone, we is here :)

Jun 8

Evening both and welcome!

Good evening Baron and Baroness XX.

Hi all .....looking forward to this :)

Good evening Ange. XX

I don't see what the fuss was about Jim Morrison, I mean, what did he have that you and me don't have Doc? ;)

Two words - no comment.

Jun 8

Two more words - sex appeal!

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