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Did you miss a favourite RRO show last week? Or, do you want to try one of the other shows you usually don't get a chance to listen to? Well, now you can, for 1 week! And you don't have to be a Member of the Forum anymore to listen to them (although to comment you must be).


Basically, each week we'll put our shows in here for you to listen to, clearly labelled as to the date and title of each show. However, as each show cycle passes onto the next week, the previous week's playback will be removed (although the posts themselves if they have comments will be archived, the actual show will be removed).


We still recommend that you listen live whenever you can, as sometimes we forget to press record, or there may be a technical issue with the recording, OR THE GLOBAL GREED OF LICENSING BODIES MAY BLOCK A PARTICULAR PLAYBACK IN YOUR COUNTRY. Furthermore, you miss out on the live interaction in our fab show chatrooms. But we also know that our listeners have busy lives and also live in different timezones, so please enjoy the new Playback!




Sadly folks, licensing bodies around the world have managed to block buy votes in both the USA and the EU, effectively changing the way broadcast licensing fees are to be employed and policed. This has led to broadcast and hosting sites, like Mixcloud and Soundcloud, being forced to implement new autoscan and autoblocking technologies so that if any show as so much as a single song not licensed for airplay in a specific country, it will be blocked in that country.


The bodies are also forcing broadcasters like us to pay for more types of broadcasting, rather than just a simple broadcast license, so our plans for interactive playlists have to be shelved for the time being, and Playback hosting may become increasingly problematic.


There are two things to say about this. First off, the licensing bodies have become greedy- and I wish I could say that most of the new money will go to the artists and songwriters, but it won't.


Secondly, the licensing bodies are using pirate (ie illegal) internet radio shows as the whipping crop to justify the new models. RRO plays fair and pays the licensing bodies their fees and buys all its music, and we ask our listeners to support legal stations and no longer listen to the pirates as we are now, effectively, subsidising them.


We'll keep you informed.



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  • This player will work on just about every device, including your mobile phone screen.
  • This player will work with virtually all devices including your mobile phone screens. On this weeks mix up we have tracks from Nightwish, Skinny Molly, Walter Trout, Avantasia, Asia, Rainbow, FM, Stone Broken, Disturbed and many more plus a brand new track from instrumental prog band Axiom from their debut EP and the live Play Out of Pink Floyd, Blackfoot and Led Zeppelin! Join us for the live show on Thursday at 7 pm on
  • This player will work on just about every device, including your mobile phone screen. On the show this week: Album of the Week: Lettin' Loose by Heavy Pettin Trinity: A special hour long ( 3 x 20mins so still TRINITY lol) to tie in to Guy Fawkes Day on the 5th Nov, with music from the likes Magnum, Asia, Sari Schorr, The Cult, Rainbow, Iron Maiden and many more Live at the BRS: A Southern Rock Hell Yeah special- Molly Hatchet, Outlaws and Lynyrd Skynyrd. All that and music from Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, ELOY, Avantasia, Delain, Rebecca Downes, REO Speedwagon, Dare, Virginia Wolf, Walter Trout and more. See you at 7pm on Wednesdays here on REVOLUTIONONE

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