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News and PR


Here is where you will find press releases, marketing information and news about new shows or features to the station.

Tying into the the 24/7 launch of CFRXtra, Listen Here pages to change.

As we prepare for the imminent launch of CFRXtra24/7 we're going to make some changes to the menu bar to reflect the two station approach we are now taking here at CFR.

The main rock station will have a Menu Bar of CFR Rock, and the Listen Here and Playback pages will become part of that menu and submenu item.

CRFXtra will move from its current submenu item under Listen Here and become a main Menu item of CFRXtra, with its own Listen Here and Playback pages as submenu items. 

Crossfire Radio Challenge Begins 22nd July
Winner to receive Classic Rock Boxset

Beginning on Saturday 22nd July and running for the whole of the summer holidays Dee will challenge our listeners to a very simple task, and the over all winner will receive a box-set of classic rock songs.

Station will showcase the best in alternate and lighter rock, pop & more

April 1st 2017 (and no, this isn't an April Fool)

As the success of the TWS, Drive and various non-rock specials on CFRXtra grows, CFR has decided to launch CFRXtra on a 24/7 basis. with Dee Jap managing the non-live part of the schedule. New DJs and show formats will also be added to the station over the coming year.


The TWS and Drive, the stations current weekly shows, already play an exciting combination of rock, pop, alternate, blues, jazz and classical music, as well as comedy, dramas and other features. The 24/7 schedule will continue much in the same vein musically, playing the lights of Gabby Young, Kate Bush, Snow Patrol, Simple Minds, The Pretenders, Gary Numan, Sniff n the Tears, BB King, Anastacia and more in the autoplay.


The exact date and format of the first day will be announced soon. In the meantime,  see  CFRXtra,  the schedule,  and show pages for further information and details on current shows and specials.

We are pleased to announce the arrival of The Captain and The Dame

Crossfire Radio has added two new weekly rock shows to the schedule of the main channel (CFR Main). On Friday night we have Mark "The Captain" Philips, bringing an eclectic look at all genres rock (including punk, alternate and electro) , and on Thursdays we have Dame Penny Buxton with her mix of hard rock genres settling around southern, blues and symphonic. See the schedule and show pages for further information.

CFRXtra Gets Two Regular Shows
CFRXtra Introduces a drive show and takes on the TWS

Most Thursday tea times from now, you will be able to listen to Drive With The Doc, a 2 hour show between 4pm and 6pm bringing you a delightful mix of rock and pop and other bits. If you have an internet radio in your car, or listen on your phone on the bus or train, you have a real treat in store. Or you can just listen from the comfort of your home.


Furthermore, after long consideration, Darren the Baron has decided to move his long running- over 3 years now- The Wednesday Supplement to CFR Xtra. The TWS is like a Sunday broadsheet paper, full of everything- including softer rock, great pop and occasional classics, plus classic radio comedy and radio SCi Fi and horror productions. And the odd news rant! Starts on CFR Xtra on Wednesday 7th September, 3pm.

XBOX ONE Rocks with Crossfire
CFR lets you rock through your media centre

With the addition of two new HTML 5 players- a simple one and an advanced one- you can now listen to Crossfire Radio and CFR Xtra shows via your XBOX ONE games console. Simply load up The Edge browser and go to the Listen Here tab.


The new players are also compatible with just about every SMART TV, and internet capable set top boxes, and should also work on Playstation 4 (although we are unable to confirm this as yet).


Sadly Xbox 360 users, Microsoft haven't budged on Flash or HTML5 support as yet, so we can't be heard from that console. But we are working on it :)

CFRXtra Schedule Announced
CFRXtra bringing Star Trek, Jazz Blues, Classics, 70s and Six of the Best to your door

We are now pleased to announce that the schedule on our new sister station is taking shape and so far we have the following dates:


August 25th 9am all day. Dimension X: The Movie.


Sept 8th 9am all day: International Star Trek Day
Sept 17th 7pm til late: The Jazz Blues Show
Sept 24th 7pm: Launch of Six Of The Best


Oct TBC: Classics 3 and Soft/Acoustic Rock evening
Oct 29th Six of the Best


Nov TBC Life on Mars 2 70s music night
Nov 26th Six of the Best


Crossfire Radio Announces New Station
CFRXtra to go live June 28th with Gabby Young Showcase

Dec TBC Summer of Love, 60s night
Dec TBC Jazz Blues 2
Dec TBC Six of the Best


Additional none rock shows and specials will be added. Watch out for event announcements and a new schedule page on soon.


All Xtra shows will be broadcast on the, and comments during will be on the Dee Play group page unless otheriwse specified.

6th June, 2016


CFR is pleased to announce the launch of a new sister station that will go live from 7pm on Tuesday the 28th of June with a special Gabby Young showcase.


CFRXtra will feature shows that are not in fitting with the total rock ethos of the main station, but which our listeners request and which our DJs enjoy doing. Unlike CFR the station will not be 24/7 but will only go "live" for these shows and occasional repeat sessions.


What's On It Batman?


CFRXtra will feature non-rock showcases and specials, including a Jazz night, an acoustic rock special (Eagles, Crosby Stills & Nash etc.) and the aforementioned Gabby Young Showcase. The non-rock pilot shows, like the CFR Does the Classics, will also be broadcast from Xtra in the future: this includes a Classic Comedy and Drama days. We'll also move the Star Wars Day and Star Trek Day shows to Xtra.


What Will Happen to Dee?


Dee will continue over on the normal CFR station with her DeePlay show, giving our listeners the choice about what music they listen to.

Crossfire Radio Now Broadcasts All Shows at 320kbps

After successfully harmonising all broadcasts at 112kbps, in full stereo, CFR decided to try to go for the full 320kbps and invested in the means to bring you an even fuller, deeper sound from the music we broadcast.


To put this in perspective, of ALL the major broadcasters that provide internet transmissions, ONLY Classic FM broadcasts anywhere near and then at only 128kbps.


We love music here, and so this was a logical next step for us at CFR to continue to bring you the best music with the best possible sound.

Crossfire Radio Now Broadcasts All Shows at 112kbps

As Crossfire Radio begins to expand its shows we have decided to harmonise all broadcasts at 112kbps, in full stereo. This means that our internet listeners can hear a fuller, deeper sound from the music we broadcast.


To put this in perspective, of ALL the major broadcasters that provide internet transmissions, ONLY Classic FM broadcasts at a higher bit rate.

Announcing PLAYBACK at CD quality!

Never miss a special show again! Crossfire Radio is experimenting with different shows on different nights (Rock Relay, Rock Showcase for example), as well as special themed shows on regular nights  (Prog Rock special on the BRS for example), so we've added the Playback feature to our Listen to Us page. What's even more exciting that these recordings are done at 320kbps- that's CD quality sound!


At the moment we simply can't record every show but we'll try and do as many specials as we can, as well as the odd regular shows. This feature will be extended to the new DJs and their shows as they join us.

Will You Port The TWS Over to Xtra Too?


We thought long and hard about that but decided to leave the TWS on the main show, despite it not being 100% rock. The reason for this is that the show is a regular show AND the same DJ then hosts the Barnsley Rock Show immediately after.


So Give Us The Skinny- Why Go Xtra?


We were toying with the idea when it became clear that listeners wanted to hear more than just rock on occasion. However, Xtra will also provide a second service for us. Should we ever experience any issues with the main server again- whether technical or from those dastardly hackers who brought us low a few weeks ago- we can simply redirect our listeners to the Xtra set of players and restart DeePlay 24/7 on there until we fix the problem on the main server.


What's Next Then You Maniacs?


We'll be adding a new Xtra play and information page to the site shortly, which will include a Flash and HTML5 player, details about the station, a schedule of shows AND replays of the shows for you to listen to if you miss them.


Oh and we'll be announcing our new DJ and show soon too.

Crossfire Radio Goes 24/7 from April 1st

Crossfire Radio goes 24/7 from mid day on April 1st 2016, with our AI superstar, Dee JAP, taking centre stage in a 24 hour rock and blues anthem special.


After this launch event, Dee will then control the autoplay between our live shows and repeat sessions. This will also see a new schedule of shows that will slowly adapt as we add new DJs and shows.


Said Dee, "It is only right that on a station where it is always about the music, that we launch the new format with a show that is filled with songs all about the music. After all, I am Dee JAP, and I LOVE music."


We're all very afraid that she'll take over the world next week. 

The A to Z of Rock is new Saturday Show

We're constantly being asked about a Saturday night show so to test the waters we've launched a fortnightly Rock Relay, starting on Saturday 16th May, which will run until we've covered all the letters of the alphabet. The Relay is where both the resident rock DJ's take it in turns to do a 90 minute show each on the same theme, and in this instance, the show on the 16th May will have the Reverend Ellis covering the letter A followed by Darren The Baron covering letter B.


The Show starts at 7pm and will end around 10pm. The next show, covering letters C and D will be on Saturday 30th May. Once all the letters of the alphabet have been completed, Crossfire will then review the numbers to see if a regular live Saturday show is justified.

DJ AP will take on more

Our autoplay entity DJ AP (pronouned DEE-JAP) is strutting her funky stuff and has become a bit of a monster. She now has her own FB page, and is about to have her own comic strip adventures and is demanding more responsibility- she will therefore be fronting our Autoplay schedule when it's finalised. Keep visiting here, or drop into her pages for details as and when they are released.

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