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Dates to Remember

Rocking out

The Doc's Blues-Rock Show- hosted by The Doc, 7pm til 10.00pm (ish)

The Sunday Rock Show hosted by Rockin' Robin Ellis 7pm to 10pm is taking a Summer break, but don't worry, we have an exciting Summer programme coming to fill in the gap until it returns. Click HERE for details.

Every Sunday 

The Baron's Rock Show hosted by Darren the Baron, 7pm to 10pm

Every Wednesday 

Every Wednesday 

The Wednesday Supplement- hosted by Darren The Baron 2pm to 6pm

Every Tuesday  

Drive with the Doc & The Gang- hosted by Stephen "The Doctor" Hunt and others ! 2pm to 5.30pm

Every Thursday 

The Dame's Mix Up hosted by Dame Penny Buxton, 7pm to 10pm

Every Monday 



Every Friday  

The Dame of Disorder's Delights, 7.00pm to 10.00pm

CFR Specials

Last Saturday of the month

Darkness and Chaos, hosted by Nick "Master of Chaos" Court, 7pm to 10pm

Every Tuesday from 4th June

Metal Meltdown, hosted by John Rawstron, 7pm to 10pm

Second Saturday of the Month 

Rock Showcase (on CFR Rock) OR XTRA Special.

Each Showcase focuses on one artist or band and their connections to other bands. So for example, Ritchie Blackmore would include songs from Deep Purple, Rainbow, Blackmore's Night and so on, where as the XTRA Specials will be themed or non rock showcases, eg Rock Country. 

Various DJs.



Tobias Sammett (Edguy/Avantasia) Showcase on CFR Rock, hosted by Dame Penny, 7pm to 10pm

Rock Brigade: A Def Leppard Showcase on CFR Rock, hosted by The Baron & Robert Fogg 7pm til 10pm



Joe Bonamassa Showcase on CFR Rock, hosted by The Doc, 7pm to 10pm

A Pink Floyd Showcase with Darren The Baron & Miss Bonnie on CFR Rock, 7pm to 10pm

The Sunday Night Summer Programme

June to August 2019 







As you will have seen, Rockin' Robin is moving house and needs to also build a new studio, so we've put together an exciting Summer programme of cover shows for your entertainment and they include SRS shows, Pilots of potential new shows,  The DiVerse Series (same CFR, different universe) and Playbacks. Dates will be added weekly!

Playback: BRS 335 and 336 back to back (The Wall), 7pm to 1am)

DiVerse: Lou Lou's World of Classical Music, 7pm to 10pm

Sunday Rock Show covered by Dame Penny, 7pm to 10pm

Playback, TBC, 7pm

Pilot: The New Blues Show, hosted by the Doc, 7pm to 10pm

DiVerse: Nick Court's Electro Pop 80s Show, 7pm to 10pm

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