DEE JAP Goodies

Here you'll find all things DJ AP (pronounced Dee Jap). To download the free Windows Backdrops simply click on the image you like and then right-mouse click on the image that opens up. We'll be adding more backdrops as we go forward, including those optimised  for tablets and smartphones.


We will also be adding other merchandise, screensavers and so on.


In the 2017 adventure, Dee wants to try out her new android body and decides to go to a KISS charity gig. But strange things are afoot and Shandi Strutter, the KISS Concert Manager, needs her help! Guest starring KISS and Scooby Doo (with Shaggy).

FREE for you to download & keep for members of the Forum only. Click here to go directly to the Members Only! page and then sign up if not a member.

Snippets from My Thoughts

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