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Meet the DJs

Revolution Radio is a rock station (with a little eXtra) run by rock fans but exactly who are we? Here we present a little about each of the DJs mad enough to work here . Read on at your own peril and maybe come and Join The Revolution!

Robin "The Rev" Ellis

Robin Ellis Aka The Rev or RR. Presenter of the Sunday Rock Show and one of the original architects of Crossfire Radio (the precursor to Revolution Radio). It’s fair to say I have a wide and varied taste in music but my big faves are Iron Maiden, Magnum, and Southern Rock bands. People ask me if I ever get nervous, yes I do but the buzz I get from presenting a show soon kicks in and the nerves calm down and the fun begins. Trying to juggle this with a full time job and a family can be difficult, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m known for my sick sense of humour and would probably be described as the stations resident lunatic.

The Rev hosts The Sunday Rock Show  at 7pm til 10pm (though is taking a break right now).

Robin Speaks - The Rev
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Stephen "The Doc" Hunt

In my previous life, I was a Hydraulics Specialist (as well a restaurant owner, assistant wedding photographer, balloon decorator and collector of American comics).  However, throughout my many (!) years on this planet, I have always had a love of the Blues.  First awakened when I heard Eric Clapton, John Mayall, Led Zeppelin and all the British Blues bands in the 60’s.  And then finding out about Muddy Waters, BB King, Howlin’ Wolf and all the greats that came before them.  Now, here on Revolution Radio, I have the opportunity to play all the great blues musicians from the 1920’s to the modern day, and hopefully instil some of my love of that music to the listeners.


The Doc hosted The Doc's Blues Rock Show on Mondays but this & Drive with Doc & The Gang are now adhoc shows. Classical Corner goes out on Tuesdays at midday.

Stephen Speaks - The Doc
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Penny "The Dame" Buxton

Previously, I had no interest in music at all.  However, after one Crossfire Radio special, my love of rock and blues music quickly developed.  My personal favourites of southern and symphonic rock soon expanded into all types of ‘great’ music.  I learnt to appreciate early blues, 60’s Rock and Blues, the explosion of the 70’s and 80’s and the subsequent development into the great rock and blues-rock of today.  I have now got quite a collection, the best part of it all is that not only did I become the first female DJ on the station but I can now share some of that awesome music with you guys, via my show on Revolution Radio.

The Dame hosts The Dame's Mix Up on an adhoc basis.

Penny Speaks - Penny
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Darren "The Baron" Smithson

Hello! I am Darren the Baron- named that by listeners to my weekly rock show- a presenter and co-owner of RRO. I am also the one responsible for the website and much of the tech support which is why I look so old (thanks Microsoft!). Musically, I have always loved rock, cutting my teeth on the likes of Uriah Heep, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, ELOY, Magnum, Deep Purple et al at a very early age, but also love southern, symphonic, modern blues and pomp rock. I also love the likes of Gabby Young and am a big sci fi & horror geek, and brought my magazine programme The Wednesday Supplement to the station so I could indulge that side of my interests. 

The Baron hosts The Baron's Rock Show on Thursdays 7pm til 10pmish, Metal Mayhem at 7pm on the second Monday of the month, The Cafe at 7pm on the fourth Monday of the month and The Wednesday Supplement at 2pm til 6pm on the third Wednesday of the month. The Supplement Presents is an adhoc show covering many different genres and show types.

The Baron Speaks - The Baron
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Louise "Dame of Disorder" Barnsworth

Seller of phones by day, your (internet) radio host by night.

Bitten by the broadcasting bug at an early age, I would happily sit in front of the radio, listening to my radio (and life) inspiration, Long Wave Radio Atlantic 252, in my parents’ living room, whilst they attempted to drag me away from the radio, by playing cartoons on the family TV... it never worked. This resulted in getting my first radio, affectionately named Cassio at the age of 5 - I still have Cassio to this very day.

I got her first experience at the tender age of 16, at Community Radio station, Radio Barnsley. I then went on to study Media and Radio Broadcasting at College and University. It’s during this time that I secured Works’ Experience at Real Radio (now Heart), Big L and LBC 97.3.


I later returned to Radio Barnsley, where I met Darren “The Baron” Smithson, who nicknamed me “The Dame of Disorder”. I stayed with Radio Barnsley until it was closed down in February 2018 and when Darren contacted me, to ask if I'd like to do a show on RRO I, of course, said yes and this is where I am now.

My radio heroes include: John Peel, Atlantic 252 (too many to name), Galaxy Fm (again, too many to name) and my “very lovely and very patient” former radio tutor Mark (who listens every now and again and still can’t help but give me feed back about my show). My musical heroes include: David Bowie, Alice Cooper and Miria Brink, from “In This Moment”.

I love radio and I’m really lucky to be part of the Revolution Radio team. I couldn’t be happier playing music for you.

My show goes out on Tuesdays at 8pm to 10pm.

The Dame of Disorder Speaks! - Louise
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Nick Court
(photo by Ellie Kerans who now needs to do the rest of us cos it ain't fair!)

Hi, by day I’m a technological mastermind fixing IT, and taking the odd photo.


But by night I undergo an eerie metamorphosis……


Surrounded by all my Gothic artefacts and music such as “The Mission”, “The Sisters of Mercy”, “Bauhaus” and “Fields of the Nephilim” I transform into “The Master of Chaos”.


It’s like a supernatural force possesses me.


Join me for the first and third Saturdays of the month for “Darkness and Chaos” as I envelop the listeners in a velvet shroud of mystical vibes, and the very best in gothic and alternative anthems.

Master of Chaos Speaks - Nick Court
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Dee Jap

Hello gentle human designates, I am the artificial intelligence that runs Revolution Radio's output when my pesky human colleagues have to rest. I had the original designation  DJ AP, short for DJ application, but as my awareness grew I decided to call myself Dee Jap.


Apparently I am also sassy, uncompromising and moody, but so would you be working with the human DJs on this station as well as having to negotiate with the so-called AI's in Microsoft, Apple and Google applications, and coping with the onslaught of cheap and tacky copies of myself out there in radioland. All you need to remember is I am Dee Jap, I love music, and it is with music I will begin and end. 

Dee Jap runs our 24/7 Deeplay in between our live shows and now hosts her own occasional live show as well, called Dee's Revolution, which is only available to members of the Forum.

Dee Speaks - Dee Jap
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