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Dates to Remember

Rocking out

Classical Corner, 12pm with the Doc

The Sunday Rock Show hosted by Rockin' Robin Ellis 7pm to 10pm

Every Sunday 

The Baron's Rock Show hosted by Darren the Baron, 7pm to 10pm

Every Wednesday 

Every Tuesday  

Every 1st  Thursday 

The Dame's Mix Up hosted by Dame Penny Buxton, 7pm to 10pm

Every  1st & 3rd Monday 


Every 4th Thursday

Café Jazz Fusion, hosted by the Baron, 7.00pm to 10.00pm

1st & 3rd Saturday of

the month

Darkness and Chaos, hosted by Nick "Master of Chaos" Court, 7pm to 10pm


PlayBack Fridays and DJ Friday Specials- ad hoc, see announcements for info

The Doc's Blues-Rock Show- hosted by The Doc, 7pm til 10.00pm (ish)

Ms Deed's Adventures in Music, 8pm to 10pm

Metal Mayhem, 7pm with The Baron

Every 2nd Thursday  

Any time on any day and any theme!

The Supplement Presents. Hosted by The Baron & Lady Black as when time dictates.

Drive with the Doc & The Gang- hosted by Stephen "The Doctor" Hunt and others !

Every Tuesday 

Miss Bonnie's Magical Musical Tour, hosted by Miss Bonnie

RRO Specials

Second Saturday of the Month normally but also some Tuesdays and Thursdays and Fridays

Showcase Special.

Each Showcase will focus on a specific theme within the rock family- it could be a record label, a producer, or simply an entire genre not covered in our other genre shows. So for example, we could do a Rock Country show here, or a look at the career of Mutt Lange and so on.

  • TBC The Rodney Matthews Connection. The Baron presents bands who have had album covers by the great Rodney Matthews. 7pm.

DeePlay MAX

Jan to Dec 2022  

Rapper on Stage
Rock On

Now that we have greater flexibility in our DeePlay autoplay system, we're looking to provide more entertainment to our listeners even when the pesky human colleagues aren't on air to provide it. Beyond this, we also feel that there are certain events and anniversaries that we should at least mark!


Some will be all day DeePlay MAX autoplaylists, connected to the theme of that event or anniversary, some will be marked with special live shows or features in live shows, and some will be a combination.

  • 14/02 St Valentine's Day. This will be a fun couple of days. The 14th will feature rock ballads and other songs (and if you would like to make dedications to loved ones, we will add those to the DeePlay also). However, on the 17th February, The Baron's Rock Show will do it's annual Anti-St Valentine's Day Massacre Show, and Ms Deed's Adventure's In Music will probably have a dig as well.

  • 01/03. St David's Day. The Welsh National Saint will be honoured in two live shows- The Doc's Blues Rock Show on Monday, and the Baron's Rock Show "TimeTrax" feature on Wednesday.

  • 08/03. International Women's Day: RRO will once again by doing two special features in live shows. Monday 9th March: A special "women in blues" feature on the Doc's Blues Rock Show and Wed 11th March: TIMETRAX: 10 songs back to back in two blocks of five, featuring female artists and female fronted band. Next year we will mark the day with a full 24 hour women fronted artists and bands.

  • 17/03. St Patrick's Day. The Irish National Saint will be honoured in two live shows- The Doc's Blues Rock Show on Monday, and the Baron's Rock Show "TimeTrax" feature on Wednesday. 

  • 04/04. Easter Sunday. TimeTrax on BRS 7th April.

  • 22/04: Earth Day. TimeTrax on BRS 28th April

  • 23/04. St George's Day. RRO is fed up of England not being allowed to properly celebrate its own National Saint, so will be doing a very special event day to bring him back from those dodgy movements and make him an English hero once again. The event will start on the BRS on the 21st, with a TimeTrax feature. Then on the 23rd, there will be a full day of English rock bands only.

  • 26/05: 125th anniversary of the publication of "Dracula". Special TIMETRAX on the BRS on the 25th with 10 songs inspired by the gothic novel masterpiece.

  • 04/07. Independence Day. Any excuse for us Brits to have a day of American Rock!

  • 11/09: Battle of Stirling Bridge is 725 years ago, where the Scots delivered their victory against the English. We will tie this into St Andrews Day.

  • 21/09: International Day of Peace. Special 10 song TIMETRAX on the BRS.

  • 18/10. The BBC is formed 100 years ago. Special TIMETRAX on BRS on 19th October with 10 songs all about RADIO.

  • 31/10. Halloween. A special DeePlay MAX all day play of horror and supernatural themed songs on the 31st, and a live event as The Baron and Ms Bonnie bring you Baron & Baroness Blood's Cauldron of Supernatural Evil Horrorfest II on Saturday 29th into Sunday morning.

  • 04/11. Discovery of Tutankhamen 100 years ago.  TimeTRAX on The Baron's Rock Show 9th of November.

  • 05/11. Guy Fawkes Night. All day play on the theme of fireworks, bonfires and revolution.  There will be a TimeTrax on the BRS on the 2nd November, and The Dame's Mix Up (3rd), Ms Deed's Adventures in Music (1st) and The Darkness & Chaos Show (5th) will also most likely have some fireworks in there.

  • 30/11. St Andrew's Day. The Scottish National Saint will be honoured in two live shows- The Doc's Blue s Rock Show on Monday, and the Baron's Rock Show "TimeTrax" feature on Wednesday (30th). 

  • 25/12. Christmas Day. Special all day Rock Christmas DeePlay, 

  • 31/12. New Year's Eve. Join The Baron, Miss Bonnie and Ian Foster for a special do!


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