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So you want to be a DJ with Revolution  Radio?


Revolution Radio is looking to add new shows to its schedule and to do that we need new DJs. We are looking in particular for shows in the following categories:





(not everyday)

If you have a fab idea for a show that is not one of the above, then send us a proposal anyway!


However before you do any of that, we would like you to do is read the following guidance and then, if you still feel you want to be part of it, send us a Proposal for your show.


The first thing to note that currently our DJs, who are all volunteers, broadcast from their own studio space linking into our central server. They buy their own music but must submit a quarterly report of what they have played on their shows to the station manager in Excel or CSV format. This is so we can submit that report to the PRS and PPL licensing bodies, when they audit us so that we can show we are legally committed to our use of music. So already there are a number of things you must consider.


  1. You must have a quiet zone from which to broadcast. 

  2. You must have your own computer system, capable of broadcasting at our standard  320kbps. (we will tell you what software to get and show you how to configure it)

  3. You must have broadband internet capable of streaming at a minimum of 320kbps

  4. You must have a decent mic for speaking. Inbuilt mics are not sufficient.

  5. You must have a legally owned music library. You are allowed to have a maximum of 8-10% of music that is classed as "donated". We cannot allow you to broadcast on our station if you cannot prove you legally purchased your music.

  6. There is no watershed on radio, therefore you cannot swear (ever) or play songs that have swearing in them before our unilateral 9pm watershed.

  7. You cannot play or speak content that falls foul of equal opportunities legislation, or that incites hatred, violence or civil disorder.

  8. You must submit a 1 to 2 hour demo show. It does not have to be high definition sound, nor perfect, it's just so we can get a feel for your style and to see if it fits in with our current mix.

  9. We also strongly suggest that you look at what we are about. Proposing to do a Destiny's Child showcase  for example with have us laughing into our whiskey laced tea :)


So, after all that, if you still want to take part and do something which is, as Darren the Baron has stated, "the most fun you can have with your clothes on", click on this link: . Include a brief bio about yourself, and what kind of show you would like to do.


And who knows, you could be new king or queen of the airwaves.

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