Jul 11

BRS 341 JAILBREAK TO HEAVEN July 17th at 7pm on RevolutionONE


Edited: Jul 17


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The Baron's Rock Show, Wednesday Night Connection Edition

On the show this week:


  • Album of the Week: Jailbreak by Thin Lizzy

  • Wednesday Night Connection, set by last time's winner Robert Fogg

  • Rock Blitz: 5 singalonga songs, back to back, no interruptions. Might need your air guitar too. Deep Purple. Whitesnake. Kiss. Nightwish. Nickelback.

  • FIRST LOOK: Three tracks from THREE new bands to CFR. Big Iron D (Scorpions like); Voodoo Vegas (80s hair metal sound with a modern slant) and Elixir Inc (Tesla like).

  • Live at the BRS: Led Zeppelin, 3 classic live cuts.


All that plus songs from Black Sabbath, David Lee Roth, Fragile Things, Servers, Fugitive, ELOY, Saxon, Steelheart, Uriah Heep, Fiona, Lee Aaron, Bob Catley, BB King, Walter Trout, Molly Hatchet and more.


See you at 7pm on Wednesday.


Jul 17


We'll be starting at 7pm sharp tonight with an anthem from this little beauty! See you then.

Jul 17

Hello again Baron, loved the TWS earlier Sir.

Good evening geezers and geezims of the Zoo.

Jul 17

Evening Baron and all :)

Jul 17

Good evening Reverend, I hope you are fine mate.

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Jul 17

You're a very busy man, I hope everything is coming together and that you will be back asap mate, we're missing you Sir.

Jul 17

I know mate, i'm hoping we get the house move sorted soon and then i can get things sorted out, at the moment everything is up in the air.

Jul 17



Evening gentle rock folks, shall we turn up this here night then!?!

Jul 17

Hiya Ange xx (might wanna go get a glass of water for the next one lol)

Jul 17

Good evening Ange, I hope you are fine. XX

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Jul 17

Probably the oddest combination in recording history....



Jul 17


Good evening Darren, and everyone :)

Jul 17

Good evening Nick, I hope you are fine mate.

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