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Gabby Young & Other Animals  

Gabby Young is one of the most original, exciting and genuinely lovely artists this country has produced in decades.
"Howling mad and completely irresistible" BBC 6Music

“Gabby is a special talent with an enchanting voice.” - BBC Radio 2

“A kaleidoscopic world of gaudy spectacle and burlesque beguilement” - musicOMH

Gabby Young was on track to become an opera singer until Jeff Buckley and the jazz greats inspired her to switch teams. Gabby’s unique perspective of the world around her is inspired as much by imagination as real events, but when thyroid cancer threatened to take her classically trained voice at the age of 22, she got serious about recording her stories. Using her recovery time to pen her melodies, Gabby took in global influences to fuel her heartfelt emotion, which shines through her beautifully haunting songs. ‘I feel blessed rather than afflicted,’ she says simply.

Clearly not a case of style over substance, but, like many a performer before her, Gabby loves to play dress up – and since her double page spread in edgy style bible Artrocker magazine, titled “How to dress like Gabby Young” will attest, there are plenty of women out there who find her charismatic looks as inspiring as her music.

Now, after a break, Gabby is embarking on a new stage in her musical development and has embraced Patreon as the way forward to fund her albums, giving her far more artistic freedom. You can support her for as little as $1 per song released. RRO will be supporting her and the band as much as we can..

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