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Click the play button to the right to listen to the best in rock music, with just that little bit eXtra.

(You can find fully featured players for Windows, iOS, Android & internet radios by clicking HERE.)


​Our previous channels, CFR Rock and CFRXtra, have merged into one channel, REVOLUTIONONE, and all the live shows will now be broadcast on it. The new REVOLUTIONONE channel brings you the best in classic rock that you all know and love, new bands we think you need to hear and hidden gems and lost recordings that will leave you breathless, as well as all the best features from CFRXtra. Musically, you can expect at least 80% of the songs you will hear to be rock and metal, with the remaining upto 20% being the non-rock features and non-rock music in some of the live shows.

For a full list of shows, see the INFO menu, and for a full list of ways you can listen to us- either from within this website, via radio directories, ALEXA or Internet Radios, and other apps, go to the main PLAYER PAGE.


Sunday 7pm: The Sunday Rock Show

Monday 7pm: The Doc's Blues Rock Show

Tuesday 12pm: Classical Corner

Tuesday 7pm: Metal Mayhem (1st and 3rd week)

Wednesday 7pm: The Baron's Rock Show

Thursday 2pm: Drive with Doc and the Gang (2nd & 4th week)

Thursday 7pm: The Dame's Mix Up (1st & 3rd week)

Thursday 9pm All That Jazz Rock Fusion (4th week)

Friday 12pm: Classical Corner

Friday 7pm: Ms Deed's Adventures In Music

Saturday 7pm: Darkness & Chaos (1st and 3rd week)

Saturday 7pm: Showcase Specials (2nd week)

The Supplement Presents (could be any day, any time and any genre- watch out for info)

At all other times, our sassy AI DJ, Dee, takes charge with her awesome autoplays.

RRO is grateful for the continued support of our broadcast partner Mixxx and welcomes to our family.

To contact us click HERE to be taken to our contact page or email us at

    Videos of the Week  


We have a fab Forum for you to join in with us and have fun! Some sample threads are here. You can even sign up with your existing Facebook profile. Just click on any thread to be taken to that specific chatroom.

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