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Norah is a fabulous singer-songwriter from Italy who is making quite a stir in both her native country and as far wide as the USA and now the UK 
Norah  alias Eleonora Roncan is an italian singer/songwriter, born on 29 January 1975 in Verona (Italy).   

Since she was child she showed interests for music and dance.


The passion for music  has been cultivated through study and militancy in various cover bands (Tribù Gospel Singers, Bandanera, Pepper Jam, Risky Business, Kyra’s Band..), backing vocals for the italian Forever Heep, Tribute band of Uriah Heep and also band  for some italian gigs of Ken Hensley (ex keyboardist of Uriah Heep).


She studied for 4 years at Accademia Musicale Lizard (prestigious Giovanni Unterberger’s Music Institute), at the site of Verona where she had the possibility to grow up as an artist, and then until today under the guidance of a well known musician and producer Alessandro Del Vecchio.


In May 2014 she participated at the selections for X Factor Italy, Tour Music Fest e Festival Show, all italian vocal contest, in the last one she met  David Marchetti from Ghiro Records.


Then she signed a record deal with the indie label  David Marchetti’s Ghiro Records, and started work at her first solo project, in collaboration with Alessandro Del Vecchio who oversaw the recording and the mixing of her songs.


The tracks have an intimate and introspective character, talking about her spiritual growth, consciousness, deep desire for a change,  but also about love for life and for the people.


The first single video “Be my guide” , filmed in Verona directed by Attilio Caldognetto, officially released  in March 2015. The radio rate instead was on 05/06/15 and the single is actually on rotation on a few radio stations in Italy, Europe, US, Canada and Australia. The track “be my guide”  has been a great success and has been included in the famous and prestigious best selling italian compilation   “Hit Mania Estate 2015”.


The background that featured Norah throught the years is ranging between artists like Giorgia, Elisa, Alanis Morissette, Anouk, Skunk Anansie, Pink, Paramore, Evanescence, Michael Jackson, Prince, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Norah Jones, Christina Aguilera, Adele, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, Anastacia, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Fiona Apple, George Michael, Queen, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Police, Lenny Kravitz, Billy Idol, Blues Brothers, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Brand New Heavies, Incognito, Cindy Lauper...and many more!

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