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Paul Limb

Combining an interest in pulp sci fi, steampunk and Victoriana, Paul Limb's self produced concept songs and projects will take you back to the future.

Paul told us at RRO the following:


"My early interest in music of any significance is seeing a 60’s short at the pictures with my dad with various 60’s bands playing.  I went home wanting to form a band...I invented songs in my schoolmates thought i was daft.


After experimenting with elastic bands on cigar tins, years past...   I got my first summer job prior to art college, and was allowed to buy a Watkins Rapier 22. My dad a while later brought an Akai 4000DS, where instead of bouncing of two cassette recorders i could finally do songs with sound-on-sound. So i suppose I have always written songs,  and always recorded them overdubbing things myself.  I played in various bands over the years, futurist to bluesrock,  jamming, learning the guitar and always self taught. Family life took over for many years and life......

Today, 2017, here i am once again, creating my own style, my own way.  How i wish i could stick to one genre or style, but with so many wonderful influences over so many years... harldly going to happen.  My recent tunes tend to be sort of retro-pop, and sci-fi themed, with the odd instrumental, a few rockier, a venture into gothic, and tales of love and the odd sensations it creates in us, rock and a little prog too sometimes. I have 3 albums available to download as singles, and I am currently working on my 4th, along with an album of instrumentals, and an mini-album of bluesrock. I get airplay on various internet and offshore Radio Stations, across the world.

Interests : love the recent steampunk movement, which sums up all i like in early sci-fi mixed in  with Victoriana. I love all art deco, and the concept cars and objects of the 50’s to the 70’s. Other interests are early science fiction, i write short stories, and still love the megalithic monuments of the Neolithic and Bronze age which i visit and dowse when i get the chance. All this gives me ideas for songs.  I am on spotify and make querky vids on youtube, you can buy my songs to download from itunes, and Amazon and I will gladly send any number of songs to internet radio stations as any airplay i consider to show at least someone appreciates the weirdness to air it to a wider audience. Here is my website, where you can enter the odd world of Paul Limb, but please don’t judge me by the 1st song you play, it’s a bit like a chocolate box of assorted flavours, so let your ears munch away, i’m sure there is a flavour for you. Cheers...


PS Shut the door when you leave, the world may sneak in to peek, and I would become famous, then I would have to be obscure, moody and overly conceptual. "


So there you have it- go check him out at the links below. :)   

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