Many years ago, I owned a restaurant and learnt an interesting fact about people and the way we react to good and bad situations. If for some reason anyone came in and had a bad meal or poor service, they were more than happy to mention it next day at work and slag us off as being ‘a rubbish restaurant’, even though it may not have been a fault of ours. Of the others in that night who all enjoyed themselves, maybe a couple of people would mention that they went to a good restaurant last night and give out meal descriptions and location details, but the majority wouldn’t even mention it at all. Seems as if it isn’t newsworthy if it isn’t bad news!

I was guilty of it last weekend. We went to see the awesome Rebecca Downes doing an acoustic set. Had a brilliant evening and then got chance to have photos taken with her and her band. After we left, we went to the pub where we were stopping for the night and it had an awful karaoke night on. Was terrible and sure enough next day when anyone asked me, I mentioned the pub first and moaned about it.

So, what am I trying to say to all you music lovers out there? If you like what you hear on any of our shows, give us some feedback by commenting in The Forum during a show. It only takes a minute or two, but it means so much to the DJ’s that are presenting the show. If there is something not right, then let us know and we will do our best to rectify it – we can’t guarantee it, but we will do our best. Even letting us know that you are listening in helps us so much knowing you are out there.

Why not go to the Forum Chatroom Listening To The Listener, which can be found at, and post your thoughts in there?


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