The Impact of Music

Music is a funny but powerful thing. For some it shapes their entire lives based on memories and band followings. For others it is just that one moment in time when everything stops, something triggers and you never see music the same way again. The latter of these was my experience.

Where after 29 years of music never effecting me (except for the odd musical I took part in), there was just one moment that changed me completely. This took me completely by surprise by making just one choice to listen to Crossfire Radio. There, at that moment, Molly Hatchet’s Justice played. That one track that stopped time for just a few moments. Following that, I discovered the true power of music as I listened to more and more Crossfire Radio shows. I was moved into experiencing emotion and found a passion for music and learnt all I could in a short time.

As I said earlier in the run up to changing life events, as I got to know fellow listeners and the DJ’s I was full of inspiration and enthusiasm for it. After talking to one of the DJ’s I was convinced to give it a try and so in the space of making that one decision, 2 years later I have a wonderful relationship with that DJ. I have since gained the confidence to be that DJ that aspires to, one day, show the same to another unsuspecting person in the same way.

The power of music is awe-inspiring and all should experience it!

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