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Talking and Food at a Concert?

Firstly, why do people pay money to go to a gig or festival or concert and then stand and talk – often very loudly – when the act(s) are on? There is room at or near the bar or even outside rather than standing right next to others that are trying to give the band their full attention without being distracted by loud chatting. Not only is it annoying it is also rude to the artist/band on stage who are trying their best to entertain EVERYONE. The other gripe are the ones that try to take group ‘selfies’ – often standing up and in the seats in front of you! While the vast majority of music fans are passionate and attentive show-goers, their experiences are marred by the discourteous actions of other people.

And secondly, why can’t the festival organisers arrange some decent food outlets. The ubiquitous burgers and hotdogs at HRH Blues in Sheffield (for example) looked and tasted rubbish - and that was all that was on offer. I appreciate that it isn’t the top of the list when organizing such events but if you wanted to see ALL the acts without having to go out to eat, then that was the only option or go hungry! Some places manage to have a pizza stall or even cold sarnies, but it is the exception rather than the rule.


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